Austin Area Market Report

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Published On: 8th February 2022
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A recent report from Heritage Title shows year-over-year market comparisons for selected zip codes in the immediate Austin area.  Note the chart from Heritage Title showing these price increases (there were no decreases) for selected zip codes beginning with “787”.  Note also the zip code map from Independence Title for easy reference.

Highlights of the most and least gains (top three increases followed by the lowest three increases):

  • Coming in at #1 is zip code 78737 with a 34.5% increase: the average price of 2020 was $584,585; the average price for 2021 was $893,092.   This zip code is southwest towards Dripping Springs and Driftwood.
  • The #2 zip code is 78739, also southwest, which comes in right behind 78737 with an average increase of 34.4%. 78739 is adjacent to 78737 but is closer-in.  Circle C would be the largest subdivision in this zip code.  The average price for 2020 was $606,789; for 2021 it was $924,710.
  • Completing the top 3 is zip code 78730 with an increase of 28.8%. This zip code is north and west, just north of the river and west of Loop 360.   Shepherd Mountain, River Place, Westminster Glen, and Green Shores are notable subdivisions here.   The average price for 2020 was 1,197,406;   for 2021 it was $1,682,226.
  • Zip code 78705 showed the lowest percentage increase year-over-year with a 9.1% increase. This is located centrally, the area immediately around UT.  The average price for 2020 was $397,623; the average price for 2021 was $437,206.  This data includes condominiums.
  • Zip code 78703 was next to the bottom with an increase of 11.4%***. This is Pemberton***, Tarrytown ***, and Brykerwoods (central).
  • Third from last was 78751 which is the “Hyde Park” and “North Loop” areas (north and east of UT). This showed an increase of 14.1%.

Highlights of the highest and lowest average sales prices:

  • Zip code 78746*** had the highest average price at $2,252,985; this is the “close-in” Eanes/Westlake area just south and west of downtown.
  • Second was 78730*** as noted above (River Place, Westminster Glen . . .) with an average price of $1,682,226.
  • Right behind them was 78703*** as noted above (Pemberton, Tarrytown, Brykerwoods) with an average price of $1,664,777.
  • Zip code 78744 had the lowest average price of the zip codes included at $419,859; this is southeast Austin just east of I-35, west of Hwy 183, and south of Hwy 71. It is just west of the Austin Bergstrom International Airport.
  • Second lowest was 78705 as noted above (the area around UT) with an average price of $437,206. This data includes condos.
  • Third lowest was 78748 with an average price of $495,578. This is an area in south Austin:  east of Brodie Lane, south of Davis Lane and flanking Slaughter Lane, and west of I-35.

Many thanks to Heritage Title for providing this information.  Contact me if you would like to discuss it.

Unless noted otherwise, the data includes single family homes only.

*** The market data used in the report is based on data from the Austin Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.  It does not include data from the Austin Luxury Network which features high-end properties and very high-end properties only, nor does it include private sales.  These sales would likely increase the average prices in many of the higher-priced zip codes:  78746, 78733, 78701, 78703, 78704, 78730, 78731, 78735, and 78738 which had average prices of roughly a million or more.