Dr. Elliott Eisenberg

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Published On: 31st January 2022
Categories: Real Estate News

I attended an informative and entertaining presentation on the national economy by economist Dr. Elliot Eisenberg at a real estate conference in August of 2021.  His website notes:

Elliot Eisenberg, PhD. is an internationally acclaimed economist and public speaker specializing in making the arcana and minutia of economics fun, relevant and educational.

I now subscribe to his daily “70 Words on the Economy” email—pithy comments on a variety of topics. You can subscribe also.  I found this email surprising and interesting:

January 19, 2022.

Before the pandemic, on-line sales accounted for about 14.25% of all retail sales. During the lockdown of March/April 2020, the percentage unsurprisingly jumped to 20.2%. Since, it has steadily fallen to 16.5% by 6/20, 15.9% by 3/21, and 14.9% through 12/21. The current on-line sales level is now below what the pre-covid growth trend would have suggested. This implies that writing obituaries for brick-and-mortar stores is quite premature.